Yushangmei Acquires U.S. Company Totally Green Inc. to Accelerate Vision of Establishing Platform for International Expansion


GUANGZHOU, China, June 22, 2021 / PRNewswire / – As a global innovative technology healthcare services company, Guangzhou Yushangmei Health Management Co., Ltd. announced the acquisition of Totally Green Inc. (headquartered at Nevada, United States, stock code: TLGN) to which, Totally Green Inc. has agreed to cede conditionally, while Yushangmei has agreed to acquire the majority stake in the target company. Under the terms of the sale and purchase agreement, Yushangmei proposes to acquire and Totally Green intends to sell the controlling stake in the target company (or its holding company).

The Acquirer – Guangzhou Yushangmei Health Management Co., Ltd., is committed to building an innovative advanced technology global healthcare services platform, integrating healthcare industry, research and development ( High-tech R&D), digital operations, new media marketing and community services. . In the future, the wellness ecosystem will be the direction of development, in which high-end international services as the main business of Yushangmei, providing innovative technologies with big data, in order to pave the way for a diversified global development.

Yushangmei has a range of high-tech health products such as Fuhengbao, Miaoyiyan and Jinshubao, which mainly focus on women’s personal health care and are developed by autonomous technology. The company has cooperated extensively with R&D institutions for high-tech products for women’s reproductive health, stem cells, biomedicine and universities in mainland China. Yushangmei is indeed a superpower in terms of research and technological development with a complete set of manufacturing, which has led him to successfully launch a range of medical products based on enzyme peptides and stem cells in collaboration with several institutions. .

In addition, through the use of digitalized technology, the platform of the e-commerce system is perfectly created, while the online and offline businesses are highly integrated. Taking advantage of the high-end private yoga craze for women and celebrities live with tens of millions of fans, Yushangmei not only echoes the Belt and Road initiative by boosting international trade for the yoga industry. healthcare, but also helps to increase the membership base by entering a new global market, and will eventually position itself at the forefront of the healthcare industry using big data.

With smart retail, a self-managed online shopping mall in Yushangmei has already been established. Through strict control of the eligibility of supply chain manufacturers, as well as the adoption of an innovative F to C model, more favorable and high quality ‘private and health’ products should be achieved. delivered direct from manufacturers to corporate customers. This not only helps more customers cut costs, but also allows more innovative brands to set up their own sales channels, eventually realizing the dream of having more national brands. As for the innovative healthcare system, whose online and offline services are strongly integrated, it is also expected to experience considerable growth in value.

Through technology, the importance of health care and well-being will be deeply rooted in the hearts of people, thus realizing an improved global strategy of health and ecological services.

The acquirer and the acquirer of this acquisition are organizations that strive to serve customers with innovative technologies, in order to make services more accessible and of better quality. Upon completion of the acquisition, the two parties will work together to implement new marketing strategies and explore the global market, in order to have a positive impact by maximizing the potential of all suppliers and customers. Yushangmei and Totally Green are committed to pursuing ideals and will continue to excel by improving R&D technologies and quality of service; at the same time promoting diversity, equality and values; as well as providing high quality free and paid products and innovative service for all.

SOURCE Guangzhou Yushangmei Health Management Co., Ltd


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