Young Marine Anthony Featherston receives inaugural scholarship to US Military University | Advertisement


Retired Marine Corps General Al Gray presented a full scholarship to Anthony Featherston at the American Veterans Center in Arlington.

A young member of the Young Marines, YM/Staff Sgt. Anthony Featherston of Stafford County received a full scholarship from American Military University, a private college that is part of the US public university system. This is the university’s inaugural scholarship.

Retired Marine Corps Gen. Al Gray, chairman of the AMU board of directors and 29th commandant of the Marine Corps, presented the scholarship to Featherston in October at the American Veterans Center in Arlington. The presentation was filmed and broadcast as part of the American Veterans Center’s two television shows: “American Valor: We Stand Together” and “The Wounded Warrior Experience.” It was syndicated nationally and viewed around the world at military bases and on Navy ships around the world.

Featherston’s full scholarship covers tuition, books, and other fees. After graduating from high school, he plans to major in electrical engineering with a minor in history. He hopes to work as an engineer until he can get the portfolio to become a historian and eventually a museum curator.

“We are delighted that American Military University has selected Anthony for its scholarship,” said Jim Roberts, president of the American Veterans Center. “With his family’s long service in our military, Anthony’s background in the Young Marines, and now his chance to attend a great college like AMU, I know we’ll be hearing great things from him very soon.”


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