XanEdu Announces FlexEd Tutorial Launch for US Government’s Second Edition of OpenStax


XanEdu’s FlexEd Tutorial is an affordable and proven technology platform that starts with free OER textbook content and relies on experienced educators to curate enhanced content including videos, readings, homework, slides of lectures, discussion topics and more. The content of each tutorial title is carefully designed to guide students towards mastery of each subject; FlexEd instructors consistently achieve 90% course completion rates. FlexEd integrates with any learning management system and provides students with study aids, self-assessments and a personalized learning center with SMS and email reminders.

“XanEdu is fully committed to providing affordable prices to students. Leveraging premium OER content, such as that provided by OpenStax titles, is part of our strategy to develop technology-driven solutions that optimize learning outcomes while maintaining affordable prices, ” said John DeBoer, CEO of XanEdu. “We are delighted to add the US government to the growing portfolio of FlexEd courseware.”

The growing line of FlexEd titles includes the full history of OpenStax in the United States, Principles of Economics, Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Sociology, and Introduction to Biology. FlexEd also integrates Rover, an AI-driven homework solution that is built from the algebra, algebra and trigonometry texts of OpenStax and precomputation. Additionally, FlexEd courses are also available for a growing selection of REL nursing texts through Open RN.

XanEdu is OpenStax’s preferred print partner and offers the full catalog of titles in print at low cost through campus bookstores and Amazon.

XanEdu has been increasing student engagement and improving learning outcomes since 1999 by delivering innovative solutions across the spectrum of education. We are committed to advancing the educational tools of tomorrow through innovative products and services that respond to changing student learning styles and incorporate cutting-edge technology while maintaining our commitment to affordability and affordability. accessibility. XanEdu is a private company headquartered in Ann Arbor, MI. More information can be found at xanedu.com/flexed

OpenStax is committed to improving access to quality learning materials. As an ed tech initiative that is part of Rice University and supported by philanthropic foundations, OpenStax provides free textbooks and advanced-level textbooks that are developed and peer-reviewed by educators, as well as low-cost personalized tutorials that help students learn. For more information, visit OpenStax.org.

Media contact: Joyce Mueller, Marketing Director for Higher Education, [email protected] // 800-218-5971 ext. 8000

SOURCE XanEdu Publishing, Inc.

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