West Loveland bar to honor 13 fallen US service members with memorial and Sunday tribute – Loveland Reporter-Herald


A bar and grill west of Loveland will honor the 13 servicemen and women killed in the August 26 Kabul airport attack in Afghanistan with a memorial of remembrance as well as a special tribute ceremony this weekend -end.

Loveland resident Dennis Henneberg, who served in the Vietnam War, said he often went to the Windjammer Roadhouse Bar and Grill where he met Daniel Cox, the bar’s general manager and partner. Henneberg said several days ago that he came to help Cox lower the half-staff flag in honor of the soldiers, and the two came up with an idea to honor them.

Earlier this week, the two set up a long table with 13 chairs and placed a beer at each of the seats. Cox opened a new bottle of liquor and poured a shot for each. Henneberg and Cox decorated the table with patriotic decor, including empty bottles with small American flags placed inside.

Henneberg said the same day the table was set, a couple sitting at the bar came over and asked to buy a set of shots for the 13 empty chairs. A little later in the day, other people joined us.

“Over time, several people bought a beer (for the table),” he said.

Cox said, however, that he didn’t want to make a profit on the money spent on the empty table shot streak.

“It’s just awful (what happened),” he said. “I was like ‘how can I do something cool for them?'”

The couple decided to spend the money generated by those buying a lathe for the table on a wooden carving of the American flag. This sculpture, when complete, will have a special place indefinitely in the corner of the bar, surrounded by 13 beers to honor fallen soldiers.

The bar will also hold a tribute event on Sunday evening to bring the community, and especially veterans, together in remembrance.

Henneberg said they hoped to bring at least 13 Afghan veterans to sit at the table to take a photo for the soldiers who couldn’t be there to do it themselves. He also hopes to bring the veteran community together to honor all who served.

An empty table with beers and shots to honor the 13 US service members killed in the attack on Kabul airport in Afghanistan in August serves as a tribute to recent victims. The Windjammer will hold a memorial tribute on Sept. 5, 2021. (Austin Fleskes/Loveland Reporter-Herald)

“The bar has a lot of Harley riders coming here; the majority of them are veterans,” he said. “I don’t think I’ll have a problem getting 13.”

Cox said he hopes this tribute and memorial will serve as a way to show his and the bar’s respect for those who have served in the military.

“I hope it (shows) that people still respect what they’ve done,” Cox said. “People still respect the fact that they died for us.”

He hopes many will come to experience the event, but for those who cannot, he added “thank you for your service”.

The tribute is scheduled to take place at the Windjammer, 3431 S. County Road 31, at 4 p.m. Sunday. Henneberg said the memorial, once completed, will sit in a corner of the bar indefinitely.


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