West Fargo Army Veteran Creates Caps For Other Veterans


WEST FARGO, ND (Valley News Live) — An 87-year-old West Fargo Army veteran is giving back.

“They call me the ‘Cap Man,'” Gary Johnson said.

Johnson dedicated his life to serving in the United States Army.

Between 1951 and 1956, this journey took him to many places and through many experiences.

“We had a lot of interesting moments,” Gary said.

Despite a stroke, he continues to serve his country by giving back to fellow veterans.

“It’s a veteran-to-veteran affair. It makes me feel good,” Johnson said.

He spends his free time making hats that other veterans wear proudly.

All come with special patches and embellishments.

“I needed something to do,” Johnson said. “It keeps me busy.”

Gary has been making these hats since 2018 and has donated over 500 caps to his beloved comrades receiving care at the Fargo VA Health Care System and to veterinarians visiting the Fargo Air Museum.

He even kept a few to commemorate his time in the service.

“My whole life in the military,” Johnson said. “First I was in the US Army, then during the Cold War.”

Gary says he likes to tell a story with each cap.

“Fun. Really fun. It’s a joy for me and for them,” he said. “Everyone, they are very happy to have obtained a cap.”

With every cape he makes, Gary says it’s also a way to show his comrades that they will never be forgotten.

“Never forget who they are. They are all brothers. Army, Navy, Air Guard, Navy, they’re all brothers. he said.


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