“Valley Forge: Washington’s Winter Army” documents the historic battle of 1777


Fox Nation brings one of the most historic battles to your home screens this holiday season.

The recently released special, “Valley Forge: Washington’s Winter Army,” narrated by conservative actor Kevin Sorbo, takes viewers back to Christmas in 1777 – General George Washington marched his besieged Continental Army into Valley Forge. Fighting famine and disease during the harsh winter, the Patriots persevered and became a more powerful fighting force.

“There were food shortages. There were weapons shortages, not to mention… they are walking in the snow [with] the bare feet and the diseases that plagued all the troops… it was really just to fight for… the freedom that this country ended up getting, ”Sorbo told Fox News.

After a long, uphill battle, the Continental Army had little to celebrate on Christmas Day, but the troops did their best to keep the holidays up.

“Many of these men were men of God and men of faith… I think prayer was also an important part of their daily activities, to get through what they were going through and guide them in the right direction… when Christmas rolled around, they would find a way to celebrate it somehow, ”he noted.

In the documentary, General Washington understood that faith was something that would encourage troops, give them strength, and help them through the intense winter season. Washington soldiers would go to any local churches they could find or simply hold impromptu ceremonies with their chaplains at the encampment.

Meanwhile, the culture cancellation had an impact on society last year, as people continue to tear down statues and parts of American history across the country.

“We need to understand what our story is, and where we are at, and where it has led us to this point right now, instead of erasing it, instead of undoing it, instead of tearing up statues,” Sorbo pointed out.


“Don’t let anyone hold you back. Don’t let anyone set your limits,” Sorbo said.

“It’s amazing what … Washington and all its generals and all its troops … had to go through … they managed to defeat the British army, [it] was a miracle, and it was all about freedom “,

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