US military and US economy in grave danger about to be schooled


Unfortunately, this administration heeded the warnings of some too late.

Now they will be taken to school in due time.

Many troops and their health will now be at serious risk, as shown below.

As we try to cover impartially and objectively both Fox and CNN.

Although the new mainstream media have already taken over.

Regarding this ‘fight’ below.

What a fight.

It’s not even fair.

China will soon rip the living crap out of them financially in the markets and the economy.

And more continuous downward trends for some Democratic politicians.

And the people in the current State Department in particular.

And the current administration behind the scenes too precisely. Heads will roll.

Things are about to go from bad to worse, unfortunately I wish there was better news:

This has been transparently warned – in advance – by some:

Blinken could provoke China’s involvement in the fight against Russia

We don’t know anything.

Everyone has their taste.

Financial markets will continue to cripple America soon from China.

And many other Eastern countries too.

This current White House press secretary will soon be forgotten as she tries to speak for her bosses.

They are finished now.

They have no idea what awaits them and what awaits them shortly.

Unfortunately, they can’t even imagine it.


The White House and the State Department finally realize their mistake

The White House and the State Department finally realize their mistake


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