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Every year, the US military has a certain recruiting goal to maintain its reach around the world, and this year it’s working even harder to hire more heroes.

In high school, Captain Bradley Mravik and First Sergeant Blake Sistrunk never imagined a career in the military.

“In the blink of an eye, I’m 17, three years shy of retirement,” said First Sergeant Sistrunk.

Now they face a new battle: finding enough soldiers. Captain Mravik said that each year the army aims to enlist 60 to 75,000 people.

“Last year was the first year we didn’t make climbs for active duty, we were about 15,000 short. It was probably our worst recruiting year in 20 years.”

Before COVID, recruiters spent time visiting schools and events to find new candidates, but in the past two years that hasn’t happened.

Captain Mravik said the COIVD is only part of the reason for the drop in numbers.

“There are other factors as well. The propensity to serve with young people is somewhat down, our medically qualified population is also down. So it’s not just one thing, it’s very multifaceted,” said he explained.

The US military is only weeks into its new fiscal year, but Captain Mravik said he has already seen an increase in the number of new recruits. He said the military was not lowering enlistment standards, but would help people meet the requirements.

For applicants who do not meet the height, weight or academic requirements, there is now a new paid prep course that will give them 90 days to meet the standard. Captain Mravik explained that they would get a uniform and help meet ASVAB.

He said hitting their recruiting numbers means our armed forces are at full strength and ready for anything.

“So we need candidates and we need to build our climbs so that we are 100% strong so that we can present a ready force that is combat-credible to respond to any mission anywhere. anywhere.”

Captain Mravik and First Sergeant Sistrunk explained how neither were interested in joining the army until they spoke with a recruiter and learned the benefits of joining the army . They invite people interested or wishing to know more to meet a recruiter.

You can go to their recruiting office on Lee Highway or you can fill out this form and more information on their website, here.


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