US Army Corps of Engineers denies IPOP clearance


By Diana Haecker

On Friday afternoon, the US Army Corps of Engineers announced its decision to deny regulatory permits to IPOP LLC, canceling IPOP’s plans to mine for gold and dispose of materials in wetlands and Bonanza Channel and Safety Sound waterways.

“Today’s action reflects a comprehensive permit review process,” said Alaska District Commander Col. Damon Delarosa. “In addition to extensive consultations with our sister agencies and tribal partners as well as gathering public comment, the Applicant has failed to adequately demonstrate that its proposal is the least damaging practical alternative to the environment.”

The proposal was rejected under the authority of the Army Corps under Section 404 of the Clean Waters Act and Section 10 of the Rivers and Harbors Act.

According to the corps, nationally, less than one percent of all USACE permit applications are denied. “Those few applicants who are rejected have generally refused to change the design, timing or location of the proposed activity,” said a press release announcing the decision.

“The Corps is neither an opponent nor a supporter of any project,” said Sara Longan, acting chief of the District of Alaska’s regulatory division. “We owe the public careful consideration and a timely decision, which is the final stage we are at today.”

This is a developing story, check back here for more as details emerge.


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