U.S. government takes from workers, favors special interests (Letters)


This land of opportunity is now the land of handouts to other countries and of licensed profiteers. What happened to the land of the free and the homeland of the brave? Why is our POTUS refusing to help struggling American workers? The POTUS continues to cause major chaos by deliberately hurting the American people! How does this POTUS handle a major crisis? His party appoints a committee to determine that the workers are the culprits, then threatens them by creating and passing a national terrorism law? But what is going on here? Don’t you blame the government for what they single-handedly caused? These leaders are completely crazy! Blaming the people for everything an anarchic government does is incredibly wrong!

Here’s an issue worth mentioning: the right to an emergency abortion still remains legal after the overturning of Roe v. Wade. Why are so many people confused by this legal decision? Abortion procedures were returned to the states to decide their own abortion laws.

Misled people are still fighting for the right to wantonly execute any unborn child? It’s wrong and not legal in almost every state to execute mass murder! Many people want a law giving them the right to legally execute unborn human babies, regardless of the situation? Letting states give abortion counseling to those who are misled is the best solution. Many of our crazy leaders are aggressively supporting those who make money in these killing centers that only kill babies? It’s time for real leadership in America! Think carefully before you vote!


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