Trey Yingst learns how US military equipment is serving the Afghan Taliban


The US withdrawal from Afghanistan has led to the divestment of billions of dollars worth of military equipment left in the custody of the Taliban and Fox News correspondent Trey Yingst shared insight into how they profit from it on “America Reports “.

TREY YINGST: Most US and Afghan military equipment at Kabul airport was destroyed by US forces before they left Kabul. This is not the case for the rest of Afghanistan. There are thousands of Humvees, planes and other critical pieces of military equipment now in the hands of the Taliban. Taliban intelligence officer Nasir Ahmed escorts us to Kabul International Airport. “The Afghan pilots fled with helicopters,” he tells us, “when we had control, thank God they brought them back.” The Taliban now control thousands of American-made Humvees, weapons and planes. While in the Afghan capital, US troops destroyed around 170 pieces of equipment before leaving.

At present, the Taliban explain that US forces destroyed all internal screens and mechanisms inside these Blackhawks before they left Kabul International Airport. On the civilian side of the airport, domestic flights are already beginning to land. The Taliban tell Fox News that operations are around 90% and international commercial flights could start next week once repairs are complete…Security is the number one issue Kabul airport needs to address before reopen to international flights. In recent days, there have been a number of ISIS attacks in Afghanistan against Taliban targets.



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