The US military, one of the greatest forces for good, should not be reviled


Earl Watt, L&T Editor

The week after Christmas is usually a recovery week. Our homes and waistlines begin to return to normal, and we return to the post-Christmas routine of normal life.

But before we put Christmas back in the boxes and bags and put it away in the closet for another year, there’s a story about the holidays that continues to show how even the purest intentions among us can be twisted into politics.

Many years ago, NORAD, the North American Aerospace Defense Command, started a fun tradition of tracking Santa’s flight while delivering presents around the world. Children could follow along and the fun connection was well received for years.

But we cannot have joy without controversy from those who experience discontent. That’s why MSNBC’s Hayes Brown wrote an op-ed condemning the military’s connection to Santa’s mystical escape.

Brown’s reasoning, of course, is that the military is a negative, dangerous, and untrustworthy influence on the world and therefore has nothing to do with the image of Santa Claus.

Going further, Brown concluded that it was quite possible that the US military shot Santa Claus by mistake, and that we will never know because the military would simply cover him up.

The irony is that the same people who attack the military place their faith and trust in the government that controls the military.

Brown then attacked the feel-good stories of a soldier returning home to be greeted by family and even when military planes fly over football games.

According to Brown, “the more convoluted war business going on in the background doesn’t fit the spirit of Christmas”.

This is what happens when history and purpose are lost on socialists.

Did Brown miss the footage of American soldiers accepting an Afghan baby over a fence to deliver that child to freedom, even in a botched military sortie instigated by the people the socialists support?

Perhaps Brown never saw American soldiers fighting their way through Western Europe and Germany in the 1940s to liberate entire nations from an evil dictator, including Jews awaiting death in concentration camps.

Go back to World War I when soldiers from two different sides emerged from their bunkers on the front lines on Christmas Eve and exchanged gifts and joined together to sing “Silent Night.”

War is messy, but we have to make sure that Americans can live in peace. Soldiers are not the testosterone-hungry killers the left thinks they are. Soldiers are first and foremost patriots willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for people they may never know or meet, in addition to making sure their families can be safe at home.

And that’s what the left really hates about them. The US military is made up of freedom fighters, not conquerors.

These same critics of the US military have turned their backs on young girls kidnapped from Africa and forced into relationships with militant Muslims. These same critics of the US military will not denounce China for its racial attacks and military threats against Taiwan.

Anything that sheds a positive light on the US military that these leftist socialists have sought to destroy.

Now there is a possible litmus test for the military to ensure that they are only loyal to the Democratic Party rather than America as a whole, or, God forbid, that they support the conservative principles.

Are civilians sometimes victims in times of war? Of course they are, no matter the attempts to avoid it. Joe Biden sent a drone strike against what he believed to be the planner of the suicide bombings at Kabul airport. He was wrong, and an innocent man and his family were killed.

It was nowhere to be found in Brown’s anti-military diatribe.

The fact is that Brown would not be free to write without the US military defending that freedom.


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