‘The Kill Team’ revisits a low point in American military history


“Filmmaker Dan Krauss has followed up his controversial documentary ‘The Kill Team’ with a new feature film that uses the same title and revisits the history of the 2010 American war crimes known as the Maywand District murders.” Kill Team” is now available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital.

The movie “The Kill Team” centers on the story of Andrew Briggman, a soldier based on the documentary’s most likable figure, Adam Winfield. Briggman/Winfield (played by Nat Wolff) tries to point out his unit’s questionable behavior, but ultimately fails to deliver his message and gets caught up in the killings of civilians that amounted to a war crime.

The documentary received widespread criticism from people who felt the focus on a rogue officer and his unit presented a distorted view of the military and invited undeserved criticism for all troops. Krauss offered a firm rebuttal in an interview with Military.com earlier this fall.

“I’m more interested in questions of human psychology and human morality than whether the military is made up of people who do good or evil,” he said. “I’m not a political filmmaker by nature. I hope people don’t confuse this film with a political film. I don’t intend to cast a bad light on the military as a whole. Part part of my interest in this story is because I have tremendous respect for the military. In some ways, this film is a post-mortem discussion of a disaster, and I hope the military sees it as an opportunity for discussion.

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The home video release includes a making-of featurette and audio commentary track by Krauss that will be of great interest to anyone who has followed this story since 2010 or seen the previous documentary film.

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