The army is always ready to defend sovereignty at all costs


China strongly opposed US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s remarks during the ongoing 19th Shangr-la dialogue on the South China Sea and Taiwan on Saturday, calling them baseless allegations and false accusations against the China, Xinhua reported.

Austin’s accusation that China frequently and unprofessionally intercepts other countries’ planes in South China Sea airspace is false, said Lieutenant General Zhang Zhenzhong, chief of staff. Deputy of the Joint Staff of the Central Military Commission, during a press briefing.

He noted that the phrase “militarization of the South China Sea” is more appropriate for the United States, as it often sends warships and aircraft to invade the waters and airspace adjacent to Chinese islands and reefs in South China Sea, and often conduct short-range reconnaissance and targeted military exercises in the area.

Zhang noted that there were never any problems in the South China Sea until the United States created them.

Calling Austin’s remarks on Taiwan’s interference in China’s internal affairs, Zhang urged Washington to stop playing the Taiwan card.

The Taiwan issue is an issue that could easily bring China-US relations into conflict. A wrong solution to the Taiwan issue will have a devastating effect on bilateral relations. The People’s Liberation Army is always ready to resolutely uphold national sovereignty, security and territorial integrity at all costs, he said.


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