SD VA Medical Center renamed in honor of deceased U.S. Army nurse


SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — Jennifer Moreno was just 25 when she died.

The army captain and nurse were killed while deployed to Afghanistan in 2013 while trying to help a fallen soldier comrade.

“She was always someone to put others before herself,” said Moreno’s sister, Yaritza Cordova.

“It’s been eight years, but it’s also very fresh at the same time.”

Growing up, Cordova says they were close and remembers Moreno taking care of her like a second mother. When Moreno enlisted, Cordova says the whole family was extremely proud.

“She lived her life in a truly magical way. She worked hard for what she had and was proud of it, but she remained really, really humble.”

Earlier this week, President Joe Biden signed legislation officially renaming the San Diego VA Medical Center to La Jolla after Captain Moreno. The legislation was introduced by local Congressman Mike Levin.

“She truly represented the best of our community and this sacrifice, this service, and I hope she serves as an inspiration to young people,” Levin told ABC 10 News.

The facility is now the first of its kind in the nation to be named after a female serviceman of color. Cordova says it’s a huge honor that ensures her sister’s legacy will live on.

“I’m really grateful, my family is really grateful and it’s such an honor to see her represent women in the military.


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