Russia accused of cyberattack on US company just before invading Ukraine


Allegations of cyberattacks are not new to Russia as they have been accused of targeting various government agencies and even individuals in the past. The accusations resurfaced when British and British intelligence agencies accused Russia of targeting an American commercial satellite company called Viasat just hours before they launched their February 24 invasion of Ukraine.

According to the statement released by the agencies, the cyberattack on Viasat led to outages for a large number of Ukrainian customers and also affected wind farms in Central Europe.

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The satellite company, which provides broadband to commercial and military customers, suffered significant damage as a result of the attack, with around ten thousand terminals damaged.

The statement, which was released by authorities in Britain, the United States and Europe, said they were suspicious of Russian involvement in the attack, but now they are “almost certain” of the involvement of Russia. Russia.

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“This is clear and shocking evidence of a deliberate and malicious Russian attack on Ukraine that has had significant consequences for ordinary citizens and businesses in Ukraine and across Europe,” he said. said British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, according to the statement released by the authorities.

“We will continue to expose Russia’s malign behavior and unprovoked aggression on land, at sea and in cyberspace, and ensure it faces serious consequences,” Truss added.

British intelligence also accused Russia of constant cyber attacks on Ukraine, and over time they began to target other countries as well. However, Ukraine has managed to resist this attack to some extent thanks to the defenses it has created in recent years.

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