Nearly 10 GB of Central American military and police files leaked by hacking group

Military and police agencies in Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Mexico and Peru have had nearly 10 GB of emails and data exposed by the hacking group Guacamaya as part of its cyber campaign against regulatory agencies and mining and oil companies in Latin America since March, reports CyberScoop. Data from the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Chilean Armed Forces, the General Command of the Military Forces of Colombia, the National Civil Police of El Salvador and the Armed Forces of El Salvador, the Mexican Secretariat of National Defense, the joint command of the Armed Forces of Peru and the Army of Peru were disclosed by the group on the Enlace Hacktivista website in retaliation for the entities’ role in the repression of the indigenous population and environmental degradation in the region , according to Guacamaya. “To put it plainly, the military armies and police forces of the Abya Yala states are the guarantee of the domination of North American imperialism, they are the guarantee of the extractivist presence of the global North. They are violent repressive forces, criminals against the peoples themselves, and their internal pyramid charts of power are equally reprehensible,” Guacamaya said in a statement translated into Spanish.

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