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The NCO strategy has been overhauled.
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Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Virginia — In 2015, the military determined that a specific strategy needed to be created to set the standards of good and evil within the NCO corps. With this need, the NCO corps created the NCO strategy.

Six years after the publication of the first NCO Strategy, the NCO Corps revised the document to make it a more aligned, sustainable and adaptable strategy that will guide the military into the future.

“It was created with the greatest strength of the military and the most important weapon system in mind; his people, ”said the Command Sgt. Major Daniel Hendrex, United States Army Training and Doctrine Command.

The NCO strategy needed a design improvement to allow it to better adapt to the evolving needs of the military.

When it came to making the cut, the NCO Corps worked with Army Chiefs to ensure that the changes continued to reflect the Army’s values ​​and the common core competencies of the sub -officers.

“This recently modified strategy shows what an NCO needs to BE, KNOW and DO to compete and win in multi-domain environments,” Hendrex said.

It has been redesigned to achieve its new purpose; build highly trained, disciplined and fit cohesive teams; who are ready to fight and win; and where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

“An army staff sergeant can read this new NCO strategy, understand it and know what it means to him and his squad,” Hendrex said. “It will mean something to NCOs now and in the future. “

The main objectives of the strategy include how NCOs can create disciplined teams by applying standards based on Army values, and how NCOs can train physically fit soldiers by identifying the factors stressors providing their units with the skills to overcome them.

To provide NCOs with a framework for how to proceed, the “This is My Squad” initiative, which aims to cultivate an environment in which soldiers can train and grow with their squad, has been added to the strategy. . NCOs are responsible for implementing TiMS which enhances learning and the technological tools they can use to properly plan, authorize and support their missions.

“NCOs will earn and maintain a soldier’s trust and lifelong commitment through their honesty and responsibility,” Hendrex said.

Another addition to the new strategy is how NCOs will develop Soldier’s for Life, preparing soldiers and helping them transition from military service to civilian life.

The changes to NCO strategy will allow the Army to create soldiers who are mentally, physically and socially connected, and able to compete, fight and win in multi-domain operations.

This upgrade was announced during the Initiative Briefing at the Association of the United States Army 2021 Annual Meeting and Exhibit, by Army Staff Sergeant Major Michael A. Grinston.

Read the full strategy here:


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