Miyoko’s and 17 other companies call on US government to build sustainable food system after COVID-19


One more step towards an organic and sustainable community (OSC²)—A coalition of mission-driven natural products industry CEOs and business leaders — calls on the government to rebuild a better economy with long-term climate solutions in post-COVID economic stimulus packages. The business community is made up of 18 major health food companies such as All Good, AlterEco, Annmarie Skin Care, Dr. Bronner’s, Gaia, Grove Collaborative, Lotus Foods and Miyoko’s dairy, which collectively constitute a $ 250 billion industry.

CSO² members recently joined over 200 leading companies at LEAD on Climate Day – the world’s largest virtual day of education and advocacy for climate action – to highlight to a bipartisan group of federal lawmakers ‘The importance of long-term, sustainable solutions to strengthening the economy, such as a goal of achieving a net zero emissions economy by 2050 or before, and the need to keep Americans healthy at work and at home. “By uniting our voices, we are able to harness the real power, passion and commitment of our industry to ensure that the next round of post-COVID crisis economic stimulus packages focus on generating solutions for clean energy, infrastructure and jobs ”Lara Dickinson, executive director and co-founder of OSC², said. “This is an opportunity to rebuild our country for the better, with better ways of doing business, ensuring supply chain stability and protecting the planet and its people. “

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