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Richardson Canyon

Canyon Richardson is preparing to start his senior year at Caldwell County High School, but he’s set his sights on a longer-term plan. He signed his papers and pledged to join the US Army after graduating from high school.

Canyon is the 17-year-old son of Jenna Williams and Jamie Richardson and said he had been considering joining the military for around 6 years but decided a few months ago he needed to plan his future and opted to join the military. ‘army.

click to download audioHe went on to explain that he had to meet certain conditions in order to enlist.

click to download audioHis goal is to make a career in the military, but he’s not sure what that will entail.

click to download audioRichardson realizes that the military comes with risks, but you have to accept them and move on.

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Canyon’s grandfather, Freddy Williams, is retired from the military and was a source to help him with his decision.

click to download audioFreddy said he was proud of Canyon and the decision he made.

click to download audioFreddy himself served in the military for 39 years both overseas and in the United States serving his country.

click to download audioCanyon said he will be going to basic training next June in Benning, Georgia.

click to download audioCanyon said the military has a lot to offer and if anyone has questions but isn’t ready to commit, they would be happy to speak with you.

click to download audio For next year, he plans to enjoy his senior year by playing on the school football team and servicing the car he loves.


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