‘It could have gone so wrong’: US Army veteran’s Money in the Bank match worries fans


Money in the Bank is all about taking the big spots. Not only do we see them all around the ring, but also with the help of the ladder. The recent Money in the Bank saw one of the craziest moments in the Women’s Money in the Bank game.


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But since WWE is live, it often happens that wrestlers don’t perform well. The reason could be poor rehearsal or miscommunication or just plain bad luck, but one thing is for sure. These wrestlers put their lives on the line participating in these matches, just for our entertainment. So even if they make mistakes here and there, we can all respect their work in the ring.


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Twitter reacts to the many failures of Women’s Money in the Bank

After the match, there were many reactions to the match and the various hiccups that occurred in the ring. While few are positive, many are displaying the love the WWE Universe has for their favorite Superstars.

Whereas the game included some of the biggest women in wrestling right now, like Asuka, Alexa Bliss and Becky Lynch, there were also green female wrestlers like Shotzi and Raquel.

This might have been the biggest sunset powerbomb from the top of the ladder; Liv Morgan’s takeover was so close that both superstars saved their lives.

Although the sloppy was visible even to an amateur, seeing the WWE Universe caring about the well-being of wrestlers is such a wholesome thing to see.

The powerbomb wasn’t entirely a wrestler’s fault. However, this fan argues that because Lacey Evans couldn’t keep up with Morgan’s timing and she hung on the ladder for too long.

One thing that is very evident in WWE and other wrestling promotions is that wrestlers are very prone to injury in a gimmick match.


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And with 7 wrestlers and unlimited ladders in every corner, there are bound to be some duds that could go horribly wrong. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case with this game.

Another fan thought Lacey was a little mishandled when it came to the landing. A classic example of miscommunication in a gimmick match. This match saw many misses and the misses mostly included Shotzi, often. People on Twitter are nicknaming Shotzi; like this fan who calls him “Botchzi”.

Another Twitter user dubbed Shotzi, “the Botch Machine.” But this fan replied to her saying that she would be so close to injury if she continued with all these failures.


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While that may undermine the effort all women put into this match, calling this performance a stinker like this fan is debatable. With all the misfires and failed attempts at big moves, this is clearly not the biggest Money in the Bank game.


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Let us know what you think of all the botches and the match in general in the comments below.


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