In US, more military personnel died by suicide in Q3 2021 than COVID: reports


Suicide is becoming a major concern in the US military, as the latest Pentagon report suggests more than 150 members of the US military have committed suicide, which is more than the number of servicemen who have died from COVID since the start from the epidemic two years ago. . According to reports from Fox news, the Pentagon released data revealing 163 servicemen committed suicide in the third quarter (Q3) of 2021, with 70 active duty members, 56 reserve members and 37 National Guard members.

The number of suicides among active military personnel decreased from Q2 to Q3, but suicides among Reserve and National Guard troops increased. Between July and September, nearly twice as many members of the United States military committed suicide as a number of members died from the coronavirus. The coronavirus has killed 86 military personnel as of January 8, according to Fox News.

701 soldiers committed suicide in 2020

In the first three quarters of 2021, a total of 476 members of the United States military committed suicide. Pentagon statistics show that 701 servicemen committed suicide in 2020. A study released this summer suggests that 30,177 active American servicemen and veterans who served in the post-9/11 wars committed suicide, more than four times the number of soldiers killed. in combat during the same period.

The numbers were published this summer in an article by Brown University and Boston University’s Cost of War Project, according to Fox News. The study also indicates that suicide rates will continue to rise unless the government and society of the United States make fundamental changes in the way they deal with the mental health problem among the military and veterans. .

200 Marines were fired from the US military for not taking the vaccine

Earlier in October, Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin said in a statement that the results are concerning and that suicide rates among military personnel and military families are still too high and not improving. not, according to Tasnim News. On the flip side, the military began disciplining members of the U.S. service who failed to follow the federal government’s vaccine ordinance in December. More than 200 Marines have been discharged from the US military after refusing to be vaccinated.

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