DVIDS – News – USAG Wiesbaden Wins 2021 Department of the Army Community Partnership Award


USAG Wiesbaden Wins 2021 Department of the Army Community Partnership Award

By Nadine Bower
Public Affairs of the United States Army Garrison Wiesbaden

WIESBADEN, Germany – The U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden Fire Department competed against other DoD European Army Fire Departments for IMCOM-Europe Fire Department of the Year and was selected to receive a 2021 Army Partnership Award.

USAG Wiesbaden Emergency Services Branch Deputy Fire Chief Roderick Millbrooks explained that all departments competed in six categories: emergency response performance, department-level awards, accreditation, innovations and initiatives (safety, health, quality of life and others).

“Departments are required to follow strict submission rules or may be disqualified,” Millbrooks said. “The winning department then competes against other departments of the military around the world.”

The award also recognizes the long-standing partnership between the USAG Wiesbaden Emergency Services Directorate with the local German Polizei, Wiesbaden Medical Services and Fire Department. Fire Chief Dan Corzelius was the main catalyst behind this for years as chief of the USAG Wiesbaden Fire Department.

Many emergencies were fought together, said Sven Janneck, German liaison officer with the Feuerwehr Wiesbaden, Brandschutzstelle.

“There is no ‘my fire – your fire’. Just as we go to residential areas to help, colleagues from the USAG Wiesbaden fire department come to our aid with their special vehicles on demand.

Just recently, the USAG Wiesbaden Fire Department under Chief Daniel Corzelius participated in a fire near Domäne Mechthildshausen with a truck that could store up to 12,000 liters of water. “It was a decisive help for us,” Janneck said.

According to Janneck, every year, the USAG Wiesbaden Fire Department and the Feuerwehr Wiesbaden train together in different emergency scenarios to enhance American-German cooperation.

According to Millbrooks, the exemplary cooperation with the host nation’s fire service and several emergency situations, in which his team demonstrated excellence in the performance of their duties, were key to winning the IMCOM Europe du Fire Department of the Year in the small category. Some of these examples include fighting an 11-car fire in the Auto Hobby Shop vehicle storage area and assisting USAG Benelux, Chièvres Air Base, with communications and control from the Air Force Operations Center. emergency at an event with more than 15,000 visitors.

Remember, in the event of an emergency on the job, contact the fire brigade at DSN 112 or 0611-143-548-0112 from a mobile phone. Out of office, please contact the German fire and medical emergency hotline 112.

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