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WIESBADEN, Germany – In early May, U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden hosted the triennial Environmental Performance Rating System evaluation. As the U.S. military always aims to meet the highest environmental standards, a six-person EPAS team swept through the entire garrison to identify potential problem areas. Straight to the point – the 2022 assessment showed that the Garrison and Public Works Directorate – are doing an excellent job. With the exception of a few minor problem areas, which can be corrected easily by DPW, inspectors confirmed the garrison’s exemplary clean air, fresh water and waste management strategies already in place.

The U.S. Army Environmental Command, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, runs the EPAS program at all U.S. Army Installation Management Command facilities worldwide on a three-year cycle. Annegret Lambrecht, environmental engineer at DPW, received exemplary recognition for her work during the evaluation. Phi Dang, the EPAS team leader, awarded Lambrecht for her constructive and excellent cooperation with the entire EPAS team as an “Outstanding Performer” after an intense working week.

The EPAS program assesses both the environmental management system and the compliance aspects of a garrison’s environmental program. The assessment includes a review of all equipment and its main points of compliance. Thorough checks are also carried out for compliance with all regulations and written evidence of this. The work of employees can also be checked, if necessary. Finally, checks are carried out to ensure that the corrective actions agreed upon during the last inspection are implemented. EPAS auditors are interested in questions such as: Do employees or units plan for and comply with applicable environmental regulations? Is the equipment working properly? Are work and storage areas properly cleaned and maintained?

Teams typically spend a week visiting various locations in a garrison to ensure that operations meet the requirements of host nation German laws and laws such as the Air Quality Act, Air Quality Act water and hazardous waste regulations or corresponding final governance standards and basic environmental guidelines abroad. Documents required for overseas garrisons, as well as Department of Defense and Army requirements. If there are regulations on the same subject, but in a different set of laws (for example, water), the regulation with the stricter rules is always applied. This ensures that action is always taken for the benefit of people, the environment and the planet.

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“EPAS experts support our daily work by monitoring all measures and actions we have taken to comply with legal requirements,” said Dr. Mirco Grimm, environmental engineer at DPW.

Overall, no high-risk findings were found. Additionally, some of the finds, such as a damaged roof on a historic building near the airfield, can only be repaired with the help of German authorities. It was particularly emphasized that Garrison employees are very committed to advancing their respective programs. The EPAS team noticed positive examples in the well-organized recycling center and the enormous progress in the sanitary sector, especially in the supply of drinking water. Solid waste management in the Clay Kaserne barracks and the presence of volunteer environmental staff were also commended. Experts had no concerns about high-risk housing and facilities.

By proactively reducing liability, the military avoids potential fines and regulatory distractions, allowing the garrison to focus fully on accomplishing its mission. With another assessment behind them, the garrison will make adjustments going forward – preparing for the next visit from environmental experts in three years.

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