DVIDS – News – Top Finishers at Wodapalooza Build Awareness for Army Warrior Fitness Team at Annual CrossFit Spectacular


Miami, Florida – Soldiers from the Army Warrior Fitness Team scored personal bests, punctuated by a first place finish in the Men’s Masters 40-44 category by Col. Tony Kurz, in the Wodapalooza contest 2022 of this year in Miami, Florida, while providing military information to a remarkably fit community of Americans.

Standing in Miami’s Bayfront Park near a Wodapalooza stage with the Army Rolling Fitness Exhibit, Army USAREC (United States Army Recruiting Command) Miami Recruiting Company Executive Officer 1st Lt. Gibran Cruz gave Warrior Fitness team soldiers high marks for their support. Returning to Bayfront Park in 2022, after a year-long hiatus due to COVID, Wodapalooza is America’s largest CrossFit event attracting thousands of competitors, exhibitors and fans.

“They’re definitely perfect for the type of event we’re doing right now,” Cruz said of the Warrior Fitness Team Soldiers. “Their charisma and ability to engage with the general public has worked very well, allowing our recruiters in Miami to reach people truly interested in the military.”

One of the main attractions of this year’s event was the “Gauntlet”, sponsored by the US military. The Gauntlet requires competitors to conquer three different CrossFit workouts in one lane in one hour. Team Warrior Fitness’ top finishers include 1st Lt. Sydney Moskovitz who placed third in the Women’s Gauntlet RX category. Moskovitz finished the competition with a smile on his face, but said the competition was tough.

“You find a way to get through the gauntlet,” the Warrior Fitness team member said. “It’s a mental and physical test. People train all year round to compete here.

The Army Warrior Fitness team’s efforts to engage the public included more than competing at Wodapalooza. Soldiers also made visits to Miami-area schools, speaking to students about health, fitness and military service.

The Warrior Fitness team was formed two years ago as another tool to reach the America of today.

Along with athletes including former team member Chandler Smith, the team’s soldiers have established themselves as national-level competitors in CrossFit. This comes with respect and camaraderie with athletes, families, coaches and other sponsors committed to a “…lifestyle characterized by safe and effective exercise and healthy eating,” according to CrossFit.com.

Mom Angie Paian of Cincinnati, Ohio was inspired to see the military at Wodapalooza. Paian and his daughter had attended a fitness ranch with Lt. Col. Tony Kurz. So seeing Kurz again in Wodapalooza kind of cemented Paian’s opinion of the military.

“We were at the Pit Fitness Ranch and the Army was a big part of it,” Paian said. “That’s how important it is for the Army to be here. A lot of people don’t know about the military. And obviously, you have to be in good shape to be in the army.

Beyond the competition phase, big wins have taken place within the CrossFit community where the military has continued to gain support from athletes, sponsors and families, according to the acting commander of the support battalion. of mission, Major George Fruth.

“It was all a partnership. It wasn’t forced; it’s very natural. Everyone invited,” Fruth said. “I’ve had quite a few people come in to talk about this and learn more about this and our Army Warrior Fitness Team athletes.

“Instead of just being a brand or a supplier, we are embedded in the community with the athletes and the coaches,” Fruth said. “They look for us when they come to these types of events because they know we have the best activations. “It’s not so much about trying to get people to join on the spot. t’s a chance to share a message about what the Army has to offer.

The Army Warrior Fitness Team is part of the U.S. Army Mission Support Battalion Recruiting Outreach Company. Connecting America to the U.S. Army, soldiers from Team Warrior Fitness join the Army eSports Team, As You Were Army Rock Band and Army Outdoor Team, featuring some of the newest outreach assets from the Army. ‘army.

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