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FORT RILEY, Kan. – The 1st Infantry Division and Fort Riley held their final Big Red One Year of Honor commemoration ceremony for the recipients of the 1ID Medal of Honor on December 10, 2021.

The ceremony honored the Ministry of Health recipients of 1ID for their actions during the battle and their courage in the face of imminent danger. The recipients this month were Sgt. Candelario Garcia, Pvt. Robert T. Henry, CPS. Ross A. McGinnis, and Cpl. Henry F. Warner.

“Today we recognize the last four of our 37, [Medal of Honor recipients] and we add their names to the others whose blue signs adorn the streets of Fort Riley, ”said Major-General DA Sims, commanding general of 1st Infantry Division and Fort Riley. “Using their examples from the past, the names of Henry, Warner, Garcia and McGinnis will be used in the present to increase our connection with this incredible division.”

The renaming of McGinnis Street was an important event during the final ceremony. Command Sgt. Major Todd Sims, the command sergeant major of the United States Armed Forces Command, was the first headquarters and company sergeant in the headquarters in the same battalion as McGinnis. Major General Sims, and Command Sgt. Major Sims attended the unveiling of the street name change.

“The things that have happened in the past are what make us such a great country and a great army,” said the Command Sgt. Major Sims. “What he’s doing is developing that warrior spirit for the warriors of the 1st Infantry Division. It reminds us of the greatness we have to experience every day. “

With past Department of Health recipients being honored in the present, the event’s attention turned to the efforts of the individual soldiers who made the Big Red One Year of Honor possible this year. Instead of a usual discussion of professional leadership development, the evening looked at the previous events of the previous months at a banquet held at the Fort Riley Conference Center. Previous panelists and the Distinguished Troopers were invited to return to Fort Riley to attend the night’s banquet.

“It is a tremendous privilege to be with you here tonight and I am extremely grateful for your presence, not just tonight, but at every event, from our Distinguished Troopers to these special guests who make each of our gatherings so. just amazing, ”said Maj Gen Sims. “We are so lucky to have these panelists back with us and I hope they will stand and allow us another chance to applaud their efforts and offer our sincere appreciation for all they have done for. our division and for our people. “

As the banquet attendees wrap up another year, they understand that the Big Red One anticipates new challenges and problems. They are reminded that no mission is too difficult, no sacrifice is too great, while moving with a mindset of duty first and always people.

“I am grateful for the legacy of service from the 1st Infantry Division, and I appreciate all of your hard work in reinforcing the values ​​to tell our story and honor the sacrifices of heroes and families,” said Staff Sgt. commandment. Major Sims. “But I’m even more excited for the stories that have yet to be written, because for the next 104 years and beyond America will continue to be in the hands of the soldiers of the 1st Infantry Division who Building an even stronger legacy of service from the lessons of our past This division, our soldiers, and the generation of soldiers and Americans that follow, will always be the toast of the military.

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