DVIDS – News – Army Sustainment Command 2021: AMC CG visits highlight Command’s contributions to preparedness


By Paul Levesque, ASC Public Affairs

ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL, Illinois – Twice in 2021 – once in the spring and once in the fall – General Ed Daly, who is now the Commanding General of US Army Materiel Command, has made in-person visits to Rock Island Arsenal, Illinois.

Daly is no stranger to RIA, having previously served here as the Commanding General of the U.S. Army Sustainment Command, headquartered at the facility. But statements he made during the visit indicate that he has gained a greater appreciation for the importance of the CSA mission and the contributions the command makes to the overall military readiness.

“I really enjoy coming back to the ASC,” Daly said during an Oct. 27 visit to command headquarters. “You have great people here, and I really appreciate everything you do for the military. You really make your mark and have a positive impact on all levels.

During his visit to the ASC on April 22, Daly spoke of the positive feedback he had received regarding the ASC during his interactions with commanders in the field and with senior military leadership.

“ASC is doing a spectacular job in the battlespace,” said Daly. “It’s refreshing to hear what the combatant commanders have to say about what you are doing for them.”

Daly also offered similar praise for the ASC he heard in a meeting the day before with the Army Chief of Staff and other senior leaders.

“When I spoke about what you were doing for the military, what I heard was overwhelmingly positive,” Daly said. “You are doing an absolutely fantastic job. “

As Daly surely knows, but remembered during his visits, ASC essentially serves as a link between the units in the field and the hardware business managed by AMC as a whole. The CSA primarily performs this mission through seven Army Field Support Brigades based at major facilities in the United States and at strategic locations overseas.

Commanders can use CSA brigades to access the full range of logistics and sustainment services offered by the AMC. Each brigade is also linked to the field through subordinate Army Field Support Battalions located at all major facilities and sites, and through a network of more than 70 logistics readiness centers providing a variety of facility level services.

No official visit is complete without a briefing, and Daly received briefings during the two visits led by the CSA Commanding General. Updates were also provided by other CSA leaders, including brigade commanders in the field who assisted via a virtual connection.

The two briefings covered a wide range of topics and provided an overview of the CSA’s current mission and operations, as well as the direction the command may take in the future. They also served as a snapshot of the ASC’s accomplishments in 2021, a year that saw a slow but uneven return to a “new normal” amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

One of the topics covered in the briefings was ASC’s work in establishing 14 modernization relocation and repair sites. An MDRS serves as a “one-stop-shop” where units can easily return their surplus equipment. ASC can then dispose of the equipment, either by handing it over or by making lateral transfers to other units that may be of use to it.

Ditching the old gives way to the new, and Daly learned how the MDRS elimination process accelerates modernization by providing combat units with the time and space to tackle larger weapons and materiel. recent and more advanced.

Daly was also briefed on the CSA’s handling of the Army’s pre-positioned stocks and how the APS strategy aligns with the country’s overall military strategy. Thanks to APS, stocks of weapons and equipment are kept in strategic locations around the world and on board ships; combat units can then tap into APS if and when they are deployed to a particular region.

Another CSA mission area covered in both briefings was the Civilian Logistics Augmentation Program, commonly referred to as LOGCAP. As part of this multi-billion dollar program, contractors are used to provide support services in forward deployment areas and other locations.

ASC made one-time use of its LOGCAP expertise in early 2021 when the order employed contractors to quickly set up trailers across the country that were used in clinical trials during the development of a COVID-19 vaccine. .

In recent years, ASC’s mission has broadened to include areas impacting the quality of life of soldiers and their families. The command now manages the movement of household items and also has a role in the management and maintenance of catering facilities.

Daly and other briefing attendees learned how the CSA is hiring more household goods inspectors and how the command is trying to improve catering facilities and food service delivery, sometimes by dispatching trucks. catering where the soldiers are.

You need the right people to perform any mission effectively, and ASC in 2021 tried to recruit and retain the right people through initiatives such as Project Inclusion, a holistic, command-wide effort to promote l equity, diversity and inclusion at all sites and among all. grades, grades and levels.

Daly was briefed on how NCP uses programs such as Journey to Leadership to improve training and promotion opportunities. Projects developed by JTL participants have also enabled NCP to identify barriers to advancement and find ways to rid the workplace of harassment and discrimination.

Rock Island Arsenal have a strong and healthy relationship with the surrounding Quad Cites community, and Daly was pleased to learn that the community relations program run by the CSA when he led the command is still going strong.

It doesn’t take a four-star general to recognize the importance of the CSA or to grasp the scale and impact of the command’s mission. The photos accompanying this article will give you an overview of where the Army Support Command is going in 2021 and how it is preparing for a future that is sure to hold some challenges and surprises.

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