DVIDS – News – Army Reserve ILE Unit Training Leaders Through Pandemic Restrictions


On a crisp midwinter Bavarian morning, more than 50 U.S. and foreign military officers rose early in stucco bungalows, qualifying to become senior staff officers on the Command Course of U.S. Army and General Staff officers from the 7th Intermediate Education Detachment, here at Camp Normandie, Jan. 29, 2022.

7th ILE is part of 7th Mission Support Command, the forward deployed mission command headquarters of the U.S. Army Reserve in Europe.

“Our mission is to prepare U.S. and international students to create and lead organizations under mission command in unified land operations,” said Army Reserve Lt. Col. Christopher Mackin, 7th ILE’s phase leader. CGSOC.

As a phase leader, Mackin tracks and enables student progress during the course.

7th ILE, like the U.S. Army Command and Staff College, located at Ft. Leavenworth Kansas, certifies officers primarily at the rank of major for greater responsibilities as a professional combat leader.

“This is the first opportunity for field officers to be trained in the operational art of warfare and defense at the strategic level,” Mackin said, adding that the teaching plan follows the same curriculum. of ten months higher education than the CGSC.

“We have active duty Army, National Guard, Reserve, civilians, US Navy and we are the only satellite course outside of CGSC, Ft. Leavenworth that has international students,” he said. he declares.

Mackin explained that the school reserves about 10 places each cycle for foreign military students.

“This year we have students from Kosovo, North Macedonia and Croatia,” he said, adding that the school is popular with foreign officers, especially as COVID-19 continues to complicate travel. international in the United States.

“I checked the internet and found the 7th ILE,” said Kosovo Army Major Dede Hiseni, a coordination officer attached to the Republic of Kosovo Ministry of Defense who works in his home country. with deployed units from the Iowa National Guard and Bureau. of Defense Cooperation.

Hiseni said that during the COVID pandemic he qualified for the CGSC but feared missing out as hygiene restrictions resulted in more travel limits to the United States.

When he saw information about the offer of the 7th ILE, Hiseni contacted the United States Embassy and the ODC in Kosovo for assistance in obtaining its seat in Germany.

Hiseni said it has been a good choice for him during the pandemic because training at Grafenwoehr combines distance and residential learning throughout the crisis, which mitigates the effects of shutdowns and travel bans.

“We had a few slots and here I am,” Hiseni said, adding that it has been “an amazing experience,” studying with U.S. and foreign officers.

Mackin said 7th ILE, which also has Ukrainian officers on its alumni roster, is looking to expand further and welcome more participants from recent NATO countries.

7e ILE is currently in the process of expanding its size and Mackin sees opportunities for more talent in its ranks as it plans to have up to 80 students per class in 2025.

“Our mission is evolving,” Mackin said. “We are actively recruiting students and instructors.”

Mackin said the ideal instructor candidate is major through colonel with a minimum of three years of experience as a major, a master’s degree, and a desire to mentor tomorrow’s leaders as part of a tight-knit, supportive team. . setting that feels like family.

Until the school can recruit new instructors, opportunities to attend CGSOC at 7th ILE will remain competitive.

“We have a waiting list,” Mackin said.

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