Durst seeks names and emails of US government teachers from Boise


If you’ve ever wondered the name of every US government teacher in your local school district, you’re obviously not alone.

On August 30, state superintendent nominee Branden Durst filed a public record request with the Boise School District, requesting the “names and email addresses of all district personnel assigned to the U.S. Government or (Advanced Placement) U.S. Government Education in School 2021-22″. year.”

Durst also wanted to know which schools teachers are assigned to and how many classes they teach.

The district granted Durst’s request, spokesman Dan Hollar said.

Republican State Superintendent Branden Durst’s nominee.

Durst did not respond to emails seeking comment. In a tweet late Wednesday, the Republican state superintendent nominee said his campaign coordinator moved the email and he didn’t see it.

But in another tweet, he said his motives weren’t political.

“As a former U.S. government instructor, I collected information to provide assistance to teachers while traveling in Idaho and to provide opportunities for students,” Durst wrote. “That’s all.”

On Wednesday, officials from at least three other school districts told Idaho EdNews they had received requests for similar records from Durst.

This is the second time this year that the Boise School District has been the subject of an unusual request for public records from a statewide GOP candidate.

In May, State Representative Priscilla Giddings requested a long list of documents, including parts of the Boise Curriculum and classroom lessons from equity-focused curricula; all materials used to teach English language learners; curriculum and lesson plans related to the 1619 Project, a New York Times investigation into racism; and the Trump administration’s response, the 1776 Project.

The district offered Giddings, a candidate for lieutenant governor, access to some requested records, but said it would cost Giddings more than $155,000 to receive all of the records she requested.

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