Director of human resources reflects on lessons learned from the US military


At Inspire Brands, we’re proud to support veterans and active duty military. In honor of Veterans Day, we’re highlighting some of the brave military people we care about: our team members.

Timeka Knight, human resources manager at Inspire, served as a petroleum supply specialist and administrative specialist in the US military from 1995 to 2004.

“I saw enlistment in the military as an opportunity to pay for my education and see the world,” says Timeka. “Growing up in a small town in southern Georgia, I always dreamed of exploring. I had never left the state before joining the army.

Timeka’s nine years in the military provided many unforgettable experiences. “One of my most memorable moments was being a co-pilot in a military helicopter, a Boeing CH-47 Chinook, when I was 18. Even though I was only at the controls of the device for a few seconds, it’s a fun memory that will stay with me for life.

After his stint in the military, Timeka worked for the Department of Defense and later for Home Depot. In 2016, she joined Arby’s Restaurant Group as Payroll Coordinator, then became Human Resources Coordinator in 2019. Today, she is Head of Corporate Human Resources for Inspire.

Nearly two decades after serving in the US military, Timeka says she still applies her experience to the day-to-day at Inspire. “One of the things the military prepares you for is conflict and how to keep a cool head when conflicts arise,” Timeka says. “For me, being able to overcome the challenges I face in my role and in my daily life with clear thinking can be attributed to my military training.”

Timeka continues to prioritize serving others, which inspired her to become a member of the Inspired Vets (BRG) business resource group. “As an Army veteran, I have a special place in my heart for all service members, serving and former. When I heard about the Inspired Vets BRG, it was not easy for me to join in. I look forward to supporting those currently serving, as well as our veterans.

To learn more about how Inspire fosters an inclusive and diverse workplace for veterans and others, visit the Inclusion and Diversity page of our Careers site.


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