Collins Aerospace and the US Army to Develop Best Practices for Airworthiness Certification


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Collins Aerospace has entered into a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Development Center to develop best practices, approaches, processes, and methods for multi-core processor airworthiness certification . This joint effort will address the need to provide faster integration of new capabilities, greater mission flexibility and lower acquisition cost.

“As Army Aviation leads the U.S. Department of Defense in pursuing future vertical lift platforms, this collaboration will pave the way for defining modular open systems approaches with a focus on airworthiness certification of multi-core processors,” said Dave Schreck, vice president, Military Avionics & Helicopters for Collins Aerospace. “The intent of this cooperative agreement is to improve airworthiness certifications for this emerging technology area that reflects the needs of the military and industry. Working together, we will focus on shortening certification timelines and improving affordability to deliver fighter upgrades in support of future and current fleets of military rotorcraft platforms and beyond.

Collins has been a leading supplier of safety-critical, high-integrity, civilian-certified processors for military aircraft for over two decades and now applies that experience to the development of multi-core processors and MOSA solutions. The company recently opened a MOSA Center of Excellence in Huntsville and is working closely with Army Aviation on its future vertical lift and fleet modernization programs.

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