BTS ARMY proud of RM for supporting ‘The Late Late Show With James Corden’


The frontman of the world’s biggest band, BTS ‘RM is hailed as ARMY superhero for supporting popular American talk show The Late Late Show with James Corden. The group returned to the show for a fun chat with Corden and even delivered an energetic performance for their international fans. However, the show’s highlight for the fandom was when the strong frontman delivered a controversial host’s joke on behalf of his fans.

James Corden’s controversial BTS ‘ARMY joke

For the uninitiated, the joke that got James Corden in a pickle with ARMY was when he called the fandom “15-year-old girls.” The joke sparked a massive backlash from the fandom, as Corden admitted during the group’s last appearance. Chef Namjoon got right to the point by asking the host, “You’ve been in hot waters with ARMY. Are you okay?”

This led to a pissed off Corden offering an explanation to BTS’s group and ARMY about the joke, as he admitted that he didn’t think the joke was “offensive.” The 43-year-old also called himself the biggest BTS fan in the world and said, “ Hope you know, we absolutely love you and we love the whole military. I have seen them at their best when they are a real force for the good charities that I support at home and they are amazing. The prospect of doing anything to upset them is a feeling I didn’t appreciate. “

ARMY salutes Namjoon for support

It didn’t take long for the brief clip to gain traction on the internet and #BTSxLateLateShow to start becoming a trend on Twitter. The entire fandom praised Rap Monster because they appreciated him for supporting the show. One fan tweeted: ‘He called him from the start of the segment. You all have the BTS in front of us. I love how confident and open they are to say and express this for us ARMY their fans! ”

Another fan wrote, “HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY:” you’ve been in hot water with ARMY, are you okay? “TO NAMJOON AND THE BOYS JUST BEHIND US WHEN WE SAY IT”. Singer Jimin also melted the hearts of many when he hugged James Corden at the end.

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