Boyfriend upset about something the US government did in the 1970s

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CLEVELAND – As he paced the apartment muttering about the military-industrial complex and nefarious Cold War political initiatives, sources confirmed on Wednesday that his local boyfriend, Kyle Palmer, was upset about something that the US government did in the 1970s. “He’s completely pissed off, keeping saying how the CIA committed crimes against humanity with an operation called Project Something or Other – I’m honestly not sure” his girlfriend Kathleen Durham said, adding that while Palmer seemed to want to explain to her why he was so crazy, he also seemed angry that she didn’t already know it. “I think it was in Latin America?” Or maybe Afghanistan? I have no doubt that was horrible, and seeing how angry he is, I want to support him. But there is not much I can do about atrocities that are half a century old. I tried to change the subject, but even such a trivial subject as whether we should order thai food or have fala dinnerfel place will send him on a different tangent about a disastrous and unreasonable thing that Henry Kissinger did. As of press time, Palmer is said to have hit a wall after Durham said she believed President Carter may have done his best when dealing with the Shah of Iran.


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