Biden says US military would protect Taiwan in case of Chinese attack


In response to a question about whether the US military would defend the democratically-run island claimed by China, Biden replied, “Yes, if there was an unprecedented attack.” The interview aired on CBS 60 Minutes on Sunday.

If he meant that US forces, including men and women, would protect Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion, he was asked to explain. “Yes,” Biden replied.

The interview was just the most recent instance in which Biden appeared to deviate from long-stated US policy on Taiwan, but his statement that US forces would be sent to defend the island was more explicit than the statements. previous ones.

The United States has long maintained a position of “strategic ambiguity,” refusing to say outright whether it would use force to defend Taiwan.

A White House spokesperson was contacted for response and said Taiwan’s status remains under US policy.

“The president has made this statement before, most recently in Tokyo earlier this year. He also made it clear at the time that our policy towards Taiwan has not changed. word.

Biden’s reiteration of “the U.S. government’s ironclad security commitment to Taiwan” was praised by Taiwan’s foreign ministry.

Taiwan said in a statement that it will continue to strengthen its self-defense capability and strengthen its strong security collaboration with the United States.


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