Asian-American army veteran beaten in clear SF hate crime


An Asian US Army veteran suffered verbal and physical abuse while at a bus stop in San Francisco.Ron Tuason, 56, claims he was assaulted for wearing a veteran’s hat near Ocean and Plymouth avenues on March 13 at around 4 p.m., according to KPIX.

His attacker, later identified as Victor Brown, 53, allegedly shouted racist slurs before repeatedly hitting him.Tuason – who leans on a cane to walk – was thrown to the ground. “When he noticed me,” Tuason said, “he got aggressive and charged across the street, ‘Go back where you came from, you caused this problem’, referring to COVID, and do you want to hurt yourself? You’re not a veteran, I am a veteran. ‘ “ Tuason reportedly attempted to film the incident using his cell phone, but Brown stopped him. “I had an outstretched arm, my left arm, but he avoided it and came in from the outside, and he attacked me, and he laid me down here and it was very swollen,” He continued. There was a chain link fence and I hit the steel post, and I was called with two lefties and one knee.Tuason, a longtime San Francisco resident, is of Filipino, Chinese and Spanish descent. As a former combat engineer, he was stationed in Louisiana and Germany in the 1980s.“Because of the color of my skin, and because I like to wear a hat that says I have served – that people who are minorities who are often overlooked, ignored invisible – we have served”, He shared.Shortly after the attack, Brown was apprehended by the San Francisco Police Department for assault, battery and personal injury with heightened hate crimes, possession of narcotic paraphernalia, and resisting arrest, among others.Prior to the incident, Brown already had three terms outstanding, including one for the battery of a bus driver in Santa Clara County and one for the battery in San Jose. Feature image via KPIX CBS SF Bay Area

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