Army begins market research for line-of-sight communications technology


The US Army is seeking information on potential industry sources of line-of-sight communications capabilities that could be interoperable with LOS land radios and provide higher throughput and other enhanced capabilities.

The service expects the LOSC2 system to enhance the transmit diversity of an Internet Protocol-based architecture to enhance communication capabilities between existing land radios in support of military operations, according to a request for information. released Thursday.

The Army plans to acquire approximately 1,400 LOSC2 platforms between fiscal years 2025 and 2030 with sustainment support beyond fiscal year 2030.

“The distribution of a LOSC2 system will break down into a use case scenario for a family of system structures to support a total of approximately 2800 LOSC2 systems,” according to RFI.

The capability and technical requirements of the LOSC2 program include the implementation of open standards to facilitate data exchange and interoperability, multi-channel operation, and the ability to operate free-space optics at the same node for use. in spectrum-contested environments.

The military wants the LOSC2 system to operate in Band 3/3+ and C-Band frequencies with less than 500W power consumption and foliage penetration capabilities.

Interested stakeholders should indicate in their responses the ability of their systems to provide a Layer 2 switch compatible network interface to the Program Manager’s Tactical Network to facilitate waveform integration, built-in test capabilities , scalability and transmission security, among other requirements.

Responses to the RFI are due March 1.


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