An American company responsible for presenting WAITING FOR GODOT at the Royal Dramatic Theater in Stockholm


The Congress for Jewish Culture was tasked with introducing the director Moshe YassurThe critically acclaimed 2013 Yiddish-language Off-Broadway production of WAITING FOR GODOT at the prestigious Royal Dramatic Theater in Stockholm, Sweden, next month.

Shane bakericonic Yiddish translation of Samuel beckettThe existential masterpiece will premiere on November 13-14. A third performance was added as the planned two-performance engagement sold out shortly after tickets went on sale. This is the very first Yiddish language production to appear in Sweden’s premier drama hall.

WAITING FOR GODOT will star Michael Wex as Tarragon and Shane baker like Vladimir, with Allen Lewis Rickman, Luzer Twersky and Nicolas Jenkins. The play will be performed in Yiddish with Swedish surtitles.

WAITING FOR GODOT (VARTN AF GODOT) will be the very first Yiddish production at the Royal Dramatic Theater in Stockholm, Sweden’s national spoken theater stage founded in 1788. Among those who rose through the ranks were Greta Garbo, Ingrid Bergman, Max Von Sydow, Bibi andersson, and Ingmar bergman. Housed in a spectacular Art Nouveau building, the Royal Dramatic Theater also presented August Strindberglate dramatic works.

Yiddish has surprisingly deep and broad roots in Sweden, which has had a large Jewish population since the late 18th century. During World War II, Sweden served as a refuge for almost the entire Jewish population of Denmark. After the war, thousands of Yiddish-speaking Eastern European Jews arrived or passed through Sweden, which had a significant impact on the country.

Sweden is home to a number of Jewish and Yiddish cultural organizations, including the Sveriges Jiddishförbund (League for Yiddish) and Judisk kultur i Sverige (Jewish Culture in Sweden), which are the Swedish producers of this production in partnership with the Royal Dramatic Theater.

In 1999, Yiddish was proclaimed one of the five official minority languages ​​in Sweden. Today, Sweden is unique in supporting a vibrant Yiddish editorial and literary scene, in large part thanks to government support and official recognition of the language.

Director Moshe Yassur says: “We are delighted to bring our Yiddish GODOT in Sweden. WAITING FOR GODOT has a special resonance for refugees, those stuck between here and there, awaiting redemption that may or may not come. Whether they settled there or not, Sweden played an important role in the post-war journey of so many Jewish refugees, making the Swedish debut of this GODOT particularly poignant. “A veteran of Yiddish theater and modern theater, Yassur was born in Iasi in Romania (cradle of Yiddish theater). He worked for several years with Jean-Marie Serreau at the Théâtre de Babylone in Paris, often participating as an assistant director in several first productions by Beckett and Ionesco.In New York Moshe Yassur was a protégé of Woody King Jr., a director at the New Federal Theater, and he directed acclaimed Off-Broadway productions of DEATH OF A SELLER and RHINOCEROS.

WAITING FOR GODOT will be performed at the Royal Dramatic Theater on Saturday 13 November at 7 p.m. and Sunday 14 November at 1 p.m. and 6 p.m. For more information visit


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