Afghan citizens evacuated to US military bases await resettlement


After leaving Afghanistan, many Afghans now find themselves in foreign countries without a clear idea where they can fully settle.

More than 60,000 Afghans have been evacuated by the United States, in addition to American nationals, permanent residents and citizens of friendly countries.

These Afghans seeking to resettle in the United States are stuck at military bases across the country and abroad, weeks after their dramatic escape from Kabul, as medical and security checks stall the process.

The delays were exacerbated by a small but severe measles outbreak, as federal authorities scrambled to control cases and vaccinate new arrivals against the disease and other illnesses like the coronavirus.

According to a New York Times report, about 64,000 Afghan evacuees had landed in the United States by September 14. After the US withdrew from Afghanistan last month, the vast majority of Afghans have been put at risk under the Taliban administration.

According to an official federal document obtained by The New York Times, nearly 49,000 people are staying at eight national military sites, awaiting relocation to the United States.

About 18,000 people are stationed at sites around the world, the majority of which are in Germany. Some people leave after a few weeks, but the majority stay for months.

The inspections, which involve a number of government agencies, come after a rushed and frantic evacuation last month, just before the United States completed its withdrawal from Afghanistan.

About 100 Americans who wish to flee the country, as well as an unknown number of Afghans in danger, remain in the country.

Meanwhile, after detecting a few cases of measles among new arrivals to the United States, the United States on Friday suspended flights of Afghan evacuees to the United States, withdrawing some of the planes.

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