Accessible Archival Publications America and the First World War: Diaries from American Army Camps, Part III: The AMAROC News, 1919-1923


MALVERN, Pa., November 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ –– Accessible Archives, Inc.®, a digital publisher of historical primary source collections, announces the full-text upgrade of America and World War I: American Army Camp Diaries, Part III: The AMAROC News, 1919-1923.

Previously available as an image collection only, AMAROC News is being enhanced with XML full text. The full-text search feature, fully available in early December, will provide an unparalleled research experience for students and faculty who otherwise could not access these materials previously held in microform. Users will complete their courses in many areas including American history, social history, political science, military history, and more.

Iris L. HanneyPresident of Unlimited Priorities, “believes that this enhanced addition to the US military camp logs The collection provides essential access to the experiences of the American Doughboy and offers an intimate, newsprint look at the American occupation of Germany.”

AMAROC News was a very “colorful” American military newspaper – with the motto “If on the Rhine we have to sit down, then at least let us know what’s going on outside our ticket” – which provided a wealth of information to its main audience – the American Doughboy in Koblenz, Germany from 1919 to 1923. The name of the newspaper is composed of the initials of the American army of occupation and is synonymous with the American occupation troops in the Rhineland.

  • A source of information for soldiers to inform them of events both in the occupation zone and at the global political level.
  • Trained reporters were employed and cooperated with various German, French and American newspapers.
  • AMAROC News was not the official voice of US military leaders, but worked independently.
  • Included comments from soldiers who suffered from homesickness and a lack of understanding for their stay in Germanyeven though the war was over.
  • Sports news took up a large part of the newspaper, along with stories about how the soldiers spent their free time, the entertainment provided by the YMCA, and advertisements for local shops in Koblenz.

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