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Back row LtoR:
Carl Kusbit -Tail Gunner    Cast Talz-Pilot    Leo Barger- Bombardier/Navigator   Bob Kinner -Co Pilot
Middle row Lto R:
Jack White-Radio Oper.   Charles Hickey-Waist Gunner   Bob Strouse-Flt. Eng.   Bob Stiles-Nose Gunner 
Front:    Jerry Benedict-Waist Gunner

Photo thanks to Leo Barger -- "I joined the Yankee Airforce here at the Wurtsmith Air Force base when I retired up here.They had a list of many of the planes that returned to the Ford plant in Willow Run after the war ended in Europe and I was pleased to see "D'NIF" on that list. Our crew flew that plane on our first several missions."

Back row Leo Barger B.N. Cast Talz P. Bob Kinner C.P. Jerry Bebdict W.G.
Ffont row Carl Kusbit T.G. Chas. Hickey W.G. Bob Stiles N.G.