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JEZABELLE was from the 852nd Squadron. Lt. Richard Wilson (front/center) and crew are shown here. This crew, flying in TIME'S A-WASTIN' (44-40234) on September 13, 1944, went down over Schwabish Hall, Germany, killing all but 3 on board, who were captured and became POWs. S/Sgt. Russell Godshall (AEG), back row, 3rd from left wasn't aboard when his crew went down, a friend flying in his place.
Lt. Richard Wilson, (Pilot) front/center) POW, Lt. Paul MacCormack (Co-P) POW, Lt. Conrad Kantzler (Nav) KIA, Lt. Joseph Martillotto (B) POW?KIA, Lt. Arthur Bailey (PN) KIA, T/Sgt. Harold Carson (Eng) KIA, T/Sgt. Caesar Binetti (R) KIA, S/Sgt. Earl Flick (ARG) KIA, S/Sgt. James Dance (G) KIA, S/Sgt. Benson Moore (AG) KIA
(Photo - Godshall)