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491 History

The 491st Organization was officially discontinued June, 2009.
Friendships will not be forgotten. The Almighty's blessings on each of you.
Please visit our Guestbook to share your memories, and to read other visitors' thoughts and comments.

06/2009: 491st Organization officially discontinued
05/05/2009: Updated Reunion and Board of Directors for 2009
04/28/2009: Sorry - Database Search still down
04/19/2008: Activated Related Links
19/2008: Updated 2008 491st Board of Directors and Officers
11//10/2007: Changed guestbook host to
05/28/2007: Added 4 crew photos (Photos)
05/28/2007: Added 2007 Reunion Info (News)
11/23/2006: Added B24 videos
05/23/2006: Added 2006 Reunion Info
06/22/2005: Added website search engine
04/01/2005: Added 2005 Reunion info / Updated Board of Directors and Officers
01/24/2003: Updated News and 2003 491st Board of Directors and Officers
06/06/2002: Added Photo page link to Flash animation and excerpts fromGunner's Training Manual, (May, 1941 (more coming)
06/05/2002: Added links from noseart to history
02/04/2002: Changed NoseArt page in photos section
02/01/2002: Added 491st Missions list to the "Who" page; Added guestbook
01/30/2002: Added 491stAAF Database (partial) to "Who" section; added crew photos to "Photos" page
01/26/2002: Added Board of Directors info. - Added hit counter
01/11/2002: Added News link; Fixed cell gaps when using Netscape 6; Rollovers sill slow with Netscape - ok with Internet Explorer
12/27/2001: Added links to photo section (nose art and inflight photos-still needs work)
12/26/2001: Added more Ringmasters photos to the 491st History section;